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The thing about online car companies is that you do not know if they are real if they are scam companies, if they are hosted by real car companies or if a 12yr old sets up the website in their bedroom. The thing is that everything can be faked. You can buy hosting services that make it look like you have offices around the world, and you can use real addresses on your website while feeling safe in the knowledge that nobody is ever going to send you snail mail, so you can say you work from anywhere. The fact that you do not know who is whom, means you should do all you can to verify that the website you are buying from is a genuine tax-paying company. That is just one of the things you should check before you buy a vehicle from an online car company.

Check Their Negative Reviews

Do not bother looking at their positive reviews. Everybody fakes those. On the other hand, if people have a grudge about a company, then they will spam them with very negative online reviews.

The trick to researching negative reviews is to look for commonalities in their complaints. For example, one review claiming that they were ripped off and robbed is something to consider, but it is more damning if you see four or five reviews claiming there are hidden fees.

Research the Blue Book Value

We have all seen those Judge Judy episodes where she relies on the blue book value of a car in order to make her judgment. Just remember that figuring out the condition of a car is tough, so you always have to assume that the condition of the car is a little worse than it is.

You also have to assume that the price offered by the seller is elevated (slightly or significantly). Take all of that into account, and if the prices being offered are seemingly too high or too low, then something is wrong.

Try to Avoid Financing Options

Many online car companies make their money through financing options. They are some of the biggest rip-offs in the USA. Their terms are often very rigid and unfair, and repayment terms and interest prices are often scandalously high. Such companies often rely on your missing payments so that they can take their cars back and start the whole cycle again with some other poor soul.

If you want a good deal, then avoid finance options. Nobody would suggest you do something as silly as pay for a car with a credit card, but even that is better than getting financing from an online car company because you cannot be sure if the car company you are using is a good one, or if they are a predatory company that is trying to trick you into getting into more debt.

Search Out a Genuine Car Company

As mentioned in the introduction, there are plenty of ways to fake being a genuine car company. Most online car companies have a long-standing online reputation to fall back on. If you are looking for a car, then try As you know, they have a very long, very rich, and very positive online reputation that spans back decades. If you are looking for online car companies that you can trust, then EV Cars Marketplace is the company for you.

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